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Using Coupons


For Groupons expiring on October 22, 2014- Your code is the Groupon number and should be 4 numbers a dash and two letters, Not the number under the barcode!.
Ex. 1965-TR 


It is located in the bottom right corner of your printed voucher and digital voucher (see images to the right) 


Starting in 2013, any coupons purchased through Living Social, Groupon, etc will be charged sales tax upon registering.

This means you must pay around $3.60 when you register online.


If you have a coupon, please use the coupon/promo code when registering.


You must REGISTER prior to the expiration date of the coupon, but the event may be beyond the expiration date.


Chose from the dates posted on the calendar.


Please note: If you register for a class that takes place AFTER your coupon expiration, you may not cancel and reschedule.


If you purchased a coupon for two or four, each person MUST be registered individually and a seperated coupon/promo code used for each person. 


If registering more than one person, only register one at a time online.

You only can use your coupon code once and if you try to register 2 people on one code it will not only NOT let you continue, but it will count that try as the one use and you will not be able to try again without calling us to reset your code. So even though the registration page shows you can register more than one persons, you can not with a coupon. Sorry.


Please bring your coupon print out to the class, NOT just the EVENTBRITE registration confirmation. I need the coupon from Living Social or Groupon that you purchased.


Cancellations must take place 24 hours prior to the class. If you fail to cancel and do not attend, your voucher will be considered validated.


You may cancel by emailing us at



Enter your promo or coupon code on the first page of the registration


Click here to register now.





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